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MohammadAmin Vahedinia from Tehran, Started learning how to program when he was 11 and wrote his "Hello World" before starting guidance highschool! Then He did not do something special other than studying his lessons till 2014, by that year, he started going deeper in algorithms and datastructure. After he learned enough, he started to develop and run his own pastebin, beepaste. Now he is writing his experiences with linux and macOS in his blog, hexlinux.


  • Atomic Energy
    2014 - 2017 I got my Diploma from this highschool, which just best students of the country can have a chance to get into it! Moreover, I successfully got it with 18.74 overal score which is fine.
  • Allame Helli2
    2011 - 2014 I got my first educational certificate in a NODET (National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents) where was one of the top schools at the time.


What am I interested in to do in leisure:



  • Python

    I learned python just after C++, so it's my preffered language to write web Backends (Sanic Framework), system scripts and bots!

  • Data Structure

    As an essential for every sofware engineer, I can assure that I am completely skilled in typical data structures such as BST, Fenwick Tree and so on.

  • Angular

    To write app for client-side (also known as front-end), I've chosen the Angular "Platform" which enables me to write super stunning cross-platform apps.

  • Containers

    Finally as my interests suggest, I am amateur in working with containers to get my tasks done. The technology I preffer is Docker and Kubernetes.


  • BeePaste, CEO
    Sep 2013 - Present BeePaste is a pastebin, but not same as others! You can simply use it as a simple pastebin, or send secure notes and/or codes using it; it has an option for you to encrypt text either with password (OTP method) or PGP key and share it with your friends! Furthermore, it is provided with an API so you can develop your apps based on that. For more information visit BeePaste or Project Page!
  • Persepolis DM
    Nov 2013 - Present Persepolis is a cross-platform download manager written in python, and I helped in porting it to macOS and wrote a simple script to bundle it to an ".app" package. here is the Project Page!
  • Codeforces, Problemsetter
    Mar 2016 - Mar 2016 Organized a second division programming contest in the Codeforces site, you can find it as Codeforces Round #343 (Div. 2).

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